Friday, August 7, 2015

The Power of Calligraphy Healing

Hawaii is truly blessed, Humanity and all souls are blessed. To be able to have Master Sha in Honolulu, Hawaii is truly beyond a dream come true for many of us who have traveled around the world with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. To experience the power of soul healing miracles taking place on mother earth is truly amazing and it is with great honor and humility that we can once again welcome him back to our islands. His generosity is beyond anything we can comprehend and Hawaii is now blessed with 40 Tao healing calligraphies that truly have the power to heal our spiritual, physical, emotional, mental health and more.

My First Calligraphy writing with Big Brush.
Tao Guang means Greatest Light
I have been blessed to attend calligraphy training and receive my own calligraphies from workshops. The healing and transformation that has occurred in my own life cannot be explained in words. All I know is that everything in life has shifted for the better and true happiness and joy can radiate from within.  Whenever i am going through any challenges in my life i can turn to my calligraphies to ask for a healing blessing and within minutes the energy will become much lighter allowing my heart and soul to release the negativity and blockages preventing me from living my highest purpose. My purpose in life is to serve others and make them happier and healthier. When i am aligned with this highest goal,  I can serve my loved ones, my colleagues, employees,  the community and all souls much better. The teachings and practices have truly empowered and liberated me.

I want to share here my first calligraphy that I wrote for the first time using a big brush. It was through the power of soul that allowed me to carry the brush and write Tao Guang which means in Chinese, Tao Light.  Tao Light will heal and prevent sickness, purify our soul, heart, mind, and body,  and heal all aspects of life including our health, relationships, finances, intelligence and more.  I'm truly grateful to have been trained under the greatest Master who gives his heart and soul for each of his students so that we can become better servants for humanity.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...
with all my love
Master Orlena

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