Friday, February 14, 2014

Financial Blessing

When I first became a student in 2011, I was introduced to a beautiful divine soul song of Love Peace and Harmony. This soul song instantly uplifted my business and personal life. I found that when playing this song 24-7 in the home and business literally   transformed the entire environment. 

The first time I played love, peace, and harmony in my youth hostel reception area, people would comment how great the energy felt to them. I noticed guests seemed happy with our service and our online reviews validated that they enjoyed their stay with us.  The song carries divine frequency of love, forgiveness, compassion, and light to transform all aspects of one’s life including finances.

I want to share my financial blessing from playing this song.  After playing this song within a few short days, I received a note on my desk from an international school coordinator who was looking for accommodations to host their students abroad. They had randomly found us online and wanted to have a property tour. They needed housing right away as their contract at another property fell through.  When the school coordinator came to the property she immediately commented that the energy felt very nice and wanted to book all her students here for the entire year. She needed housing for over 100 students that would rotate throughout the year. Things moved fast and within 48 hours the first reservation deposit totaled $42,000. We were very grateful to receive this booking at a time when business was slow. 

Thank you to divine soul song for removing many blockages in my business and for transforming the workplace to become more balanced and harmonized. Everything runs much more smoothly and effortlessly. Just playing the song makes me relax and calm.

The Divine Soul Song was received and given to my teacher in September 2005. The lyrics are:

I love my heart and soul
I love all humanity
Join hearts and souls together
Love, peace, and harmony
Love, peace, and harmony

When this song is sang with great sincerity, heaven opens to bless you...

In Gratitude,
Orlena Wong

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  1. Beautiful story, and a beautiful song, love, peace and harmony radiates out in every direction, and the frequencies and vibtations transforms all life. Blessings to all who sings and listens to the Divine mantra love, peace and harmony, thank you Master Sha Love you, Love you, Love you.